‘’WE SHALL OVERCOME’’! PLEASE, observe lockdown norms: UTPAL Chatterjee

Spell-check in poll time

*A GHOST AT NOON! Even if the world remains the same, it is deserted and, at times, looks haunted. The lockdown in India and most countries which are waging a war with a deadly enemy that is not visible to the naked eye, has left every place desolate. Social distancing is the new order everywhere. Many, perhaps, are finding the loneliness at home suffocating. But there are no options. Even in these hard times, India deserves all praise for resorting to the lockdown before matters could snowball as it has in the West. A vaccine may take a long time to develop. Till then, whatever the hardship, there is no option other than to stay home. Life has suddenly become more unpredictable than it ever had been. There is so much that can be done at home if one has the will. But we simply must follow the dos and the don’ts. So what if the cities look haunted and we await the proverbial ‘Ghost at noon’?As the song goes ‘We shall OVERCOME’. Yes, we shall.( Utpal Chatterjee is a senior journalist, ex-Sheriff,  Kolkata)

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