UP Police declares reward for help in tracing hiding Tablighai Members after Nizamuddin event

Ebangla Bureau

March 25- Around 1,000 people still present at the markaz. Jamaat officials file an application for permission to vacate the premises and transfer its workers

Uttar Pradesh police has declared rewards for anyone helping in tracing the Tablighi Jamaat members who are allegedly hiding after participating in a religious event at New Delhi’s Nazimuddin locality defying lockdown norms. They are allegedly have become super spreaders of COVID-19. Jamaat members from various parts of India and overseas had allegedly violated social distancing protocol imposed by the government to combat coronavirus. The police have so far quarantined 33 Jamaat members who were staying in various mosques, madrassas and residential places. “The Jamaat members are still hiding. We have made an appeal to them that if they come up and appear before the authorities, no action will be initiated against them,” Superintendent of Police Triveni Singh said. “But, if the information about them comes to us through another source, strict action will be initiated against them,” the official said. Singh said those informing the police about the Tablighi Jamaat members will be given a cash reward of Rs 5,000, adding their identity will be kept a secret. In Assam several mosques have banned Tablighi Jamaat activities in their premises. Ismail Hossain, an Assam-based writer and activist told Firstpost that at least 50 mosques in Assam have banned Tabligh activities in the last two days should not be less than 50 in number. Though the Tablighi Jamat incident row in Delhi is perceived to have caused communal distrust among the Hindus and Muslims in the north- eastern state, he said that this has no bearing on the decisions to banTabligh activities.”It is merely the embarrassment the Tablighis have brought to the Muslims that has prompted these decisions. They did not like the callous attitude of the Tablighi Jamaat in dealing with the corona virus threat,” said Hossain.

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