US Will Continue To Respect And Resolve The Rights Of Disabled Persons: Antony Blinken

December 3rd has been earmarked as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On this occasion, US Secretary Mr Antony Blinken mentioned that the United States remains steadfast in its commitment and resolve to advance the human rights of persons with disabilities at home and around the world.  The US urges all foreign governments to engage persons with disabilities in the democratic process, to combat discrimination and abuse, counter prejudice, and to protect their rights and ensure their inclusion in all facets of life on an equal basis with other people. Around the world, policies related to elections and civic engagement are not fully inclusive for persons with disabilities.  Given the more than one billion persons living with disabilities globally, this widespread inaccessibility is an enormous and untenable disenfranchisement.  The US Administration recognizes the values, talents, and contributions  that persons with disabilities bring to the global community. 

President Biden, keeping in mind the rights of a disabled person has appointed Sara Minkara to serve as U.S. Special Advisor on International Disability Rights – a role critical to ensuring disability-inclusive U.S. diplomacy and foreign assistance.  Mr Blinken said that all his colleagues around the world with disabilities – Civil and Foreign Service, contractors, eligible family members, and locally employed staff – make us stronger.  They bring creativity to our efforts to resolve entrenched problems and draw on their lived experiences to inform and strengthen our policies to promote accessibility and inclusion. The United States strives to be a model for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, to reflect one of our most fundamental values as a nation:  That everyone is treated with dignity and respect.  At the State Department,  everyone endeavours to uphold these values every day, ensuring that our colleagues with disabilities thrive in the workplace.  As part of the Summit for Democracy and in celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the US Government demonstrates this approach by convening leaders from all sectors of society and representing democracies around the world to identify innovative approaches and actions that promote disability-inclusive democracy.  Mr Blinken concluded by mentioning that the best, most durable, and lasting solutions arise when governments embrace, respect, and integrate diverse perspectives from all communities, including persons with disabilities.

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