AYUSH Treatment Facility At Press Club

The Ministry of Ayush has offered to set up a Covid related window in Press Club Of India premises in New Delhi. One experienced Ayurvedic doctor will be visiting PCI every Saturday for two hours from 2 pm to 4 pm, to not only distribute AYUSH-64 (the medicine that has been included in the national Covid management Protocol and is being distributed free of cost throughout the country) but also help with general Ayush based consultation.

AYUSH 64 is found efficacious in the management/treatment of Asymptomatic and Mild to Moderate Covid-19 infection. All PCI members along with their family members, relatives and friends can avail this facility. If someone is Covid-19 positive and is in home isolation, then any relative/representative can visit PCI to avail a full dose of AYUSH-64 for 20 days free of cost. The visiting doctor will explain in detail the protocol of taking the medicines.

The AYUSH Ministry for the benefit of general awareness has mentioned simple dos and don’ts for the consumption of AYUSH-64 and are listed below: –

1.AYUSH-64 is currently being used for the management/treatment of Asymptomatic, Mild and Moderate Covid-19 patients. Hence, to avail this benefit, the beneficiary should have an RT-PCR/ Rapid Antigen positive report or Covid like symptoms, as per the protocol.

2.To ascertain the identity of the patient a soft copy of Aadhar Card or any other government-issued I-Card is necessary.

3.The patient need not necessarily come to the camp. His/her relative/representative can pick a complete dose of AYUSH-64 for 20 days after producing relevant identification documents.

4.For Asymptomatic patients with Covid positive report the dose is 2 tablets twice a day for 20 days. And for mild to moderate patients, having or not having Covid positive report, the dose is 2 tablets thrice a day for 20 days.

5.Pregnant ladies and lactating mothers are advised not to take this medicine.

6.The medicine is for managing/treating Covid-19 infection and should not be taken as prophylactic support.

7.The medicine can be taken with modern medicine or as standalone for Asymptomatic and Mild to Moderate Covid patients.

The Managing committee of PCI has allocated a room on the first floor of the premises for the AYUSH-64 disbursal and consultation.

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