FOOD permitted on flights but wearing mask remains MANDATORY

Coronavirus: Stranded Indians in US ask India to operate more evacuation  flights- The New Indian Express

Airlines have been permitted to serve pre-packed snacks, meals and beverages on domestic flights and hot meals on international flights. Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation has informed that any passenger who refuses to wear a face mask in a flight can be put on the no-fly list by the airline, an official statement said. Government has amended the SOPs for both domestic and international flight operations. It said that only single-use disposable trays, plates and cutlery should be used while serving food or beverages in both domestic and international flights. Flight Crew has been instructed to wear a fresh set of gloves for every meal or beverage service. Passengers have been allowed to use the in-flight entertainment system on flights. Airlines have been instructed to provide disposable earphones or cleaned and disinfected headphones at the start of the journey. 
In-flight meal service was not permitted on domestic flights since their resumption on 25th of May this year in light of the global pandemic. On international flights as well only pre-packed cold meals and snacks were being served. The amended rules have come as a great relief to air passengers, especially to those who reach their destinations late night. Image courtesy: New Indian Express

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