IAF joins the nation’s war on COVID -19

continues to be ready 24 x 7 to undertake any task for complementing the efforts of the Government of India to contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. All efforts are being made to ensure timely delivery of the essential medical supplies and ration to the nodal points of various States, thereby equipping the State governments and supporting agencies to combat the contagion effectively and efficiently, says a statement issued by Wing Commander Indranil Nandi, PRO (Air Force). During the last few days,  IAF airlifted essential medical supplies and commodities from nodal points to various states across the country including Maharashtra, Kerala, Telangana, Nagaland and the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh. Indian Air Force flew dedicated sorties for DRDO and airlifted around 9,000 Kg of raw material from various nodal points for producing PPE at the production facilities of DRDO. It also airlifted N95/99 Masks manufactured by DRDO. Meanwhile, IAF is ensuring that all necessary precautions as specified by the Government of India to prevent the spread of the contagion are put in place while undertaking these assignments is ever ready and geared up to meet all the emerging needs to support the fight against the prevailing pandemic situation in the country, the PRO (Air Force) said.

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