IN Delhi, all markets, saloons, barbershops, e-rickshaws, autos, pillion riding permitted, night curfew, wearing masks, social distancing continue, says CM Kejriwal

WITH rising  Covid-19  cases and falling revenue due to the lockdown of trade and commerce, the Delhi government has decided to open barbershops and salons in the national capital. Spas and gyms will remain closed. Briefing media Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said all shops in markets will be permitted to open in the Union Territory. There will be no odd-even norms. However, Delhi’s borders will remain sealed for one week. People engaged in essential services, having passes will be allowed. After one-week, the opening of borders will be discussed on receipt inputs from people. He said as per Centre’s guidelines, there will be restrictions on movement from 9 PM to 5 AM, Kejriwal said. The government is lifting the restrictions on the number of passengers traveling in auto, e-rickshaws and other vehicles. He said there is no shortage of beds in hospitals in Delhi. Earlier, he had said there is a “robust” health infra in the Union Territory. His Government is four steps ahead of other states in tackling corona. Emphasising that country cannot be in permanent lockdown, Kejriwal said Delhi is witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases, we accept it. But there is nothing to worry about, I assure you that we are fully prepared. We cannot be in permanent lockdown. Sharing status of COVID care hospitals, he, said that we have arranged 2,100 more beds in the last one week. Today we have 6,600 beds of which 2,100 are occupied. We will have 9,500 beds for Covid-19 patients by June 5. While in some cases, patients are least aware of COVID care hospitals and availability of beds equipped with oxygen, the state administration is testing an app in which hospitals and beds related information can be read by the users. The Delhi Government will launch this app on Monday, Kejriwal announced. Surprisingly to search for beds, adequate health infrastructure, and facilities, oxygen, etc. If these facilities remain inadequate, it will lead to an increase in the death rate. Explaining Delhi government’s health – infra work, Kejriwal said, “Delhi government hospitals earlier had 2500 beds, which will now be increased to a total of 4600 beds by June 5. In the central government hospitals, we had 2329 beds earlier which have now reduced to 2229 beds. Owing to the huge demand for beds in private hospitals, the beds have been increased from 677 beds in private hospitals to a total of 2677 beds, which will further increase to 3677 beds by June 5. A lot of people want to be treated in private hospitals, but just like our government schools, even Delhi government hospitals will provide you with the best of the facilities,” he added. While corona cases have been doubled in the last 15 days as on May 14, Delhi had 8500 cases.  According to health officials, there has been a two-fold surge in the cases with 17,000 cases in Delhi.

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