Indian Artists with the Ambassador of Germany in India, Honourable Walter J Lindner

Ambassador of Germany in India Honourable Walter J Lindner said, ”the wait is over. Here is our surprise to mark 30 years of German Unity. Thank you for your patience! Hope you like it as much as we do!Big thanks to those who helped turn this idea into reality.” The Ambassador said ”dear fellow Germans, my good friends in India and around the globe, the third of October is a very important day. That day thirty years ago German Unification became official. Forty years of separation came to an end, the Berlin Wall came down and the War came to an end. So it was a very remarkable, historic day. So how do we celebrate this in times of corona, it’s very difficult. But we wanted to share this joy with our Indian friends and partners. So how do we do this? Setting up another Webinar and a digital discussion workshop! I don’t think so. We wanted to come up with something innovative. Well, it is a surprise you might say. Before we come to that let me convey all my best wishes to His Excellency the President of India, and all Indian citizens, good health, prosperity and peace. What is the surprise? Why don’t you ask someone who has been there thirty years ago at the big event at the Brandenburg Gate (in Berlin, Germany)? Not only was he there, but he was also in the middle of the stage. He was performing as a member of the German Band, ‘Scorpions’. He is the frontman and lead singer. He is Klaus Meine of the Scorpions.” Mr Klaus Meine said that on the third of October Germany celebrates unification. Mr Walter Lindner the German Ambassador in India  (and also a talented musician himself) recorded an Indian version of the German Song ”Winds of Change” Ambassador Lindner did with many wonderful Indian artists. In order to celebrate this very special event together. Today, (on the third of October), ”we will be building bridges across borders and cultures for a better and more peaceful world. This is Winds of Change.” The video production was by Manika Berry Asgaonkar and Prabhu Asgaonkar of Sparkle Work films. Indian Artists participated and the German Embassy in New Delhi and the four Consulates helped arrange this celebration. (Pic Courtesy The Hindu).

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