IS it a dream to come out of COVID-19 ?

UTPAL Chatterjee

CAN A “DREAM COME TRUE”BE FAR BEHIND? The night over, any dream or nightmare disappears. The one you experienced when you were fast asleep. But the living Covid-19 nightmare persists. It has been 40 days of lockdown. So many feels knocked down and out. I came into this world long after the two World Wars and the Spanish Flu that threw up an unimaginable number of fatalities. The two World Wars were man-made. But what about the Spanish Flu and the present pandemic the world over including, of course, our beloved country? We are now simply at the mercy of the Almighty! Hundreds of vaccine trials are on. All precautions are being taken. Yet, some of the front-line warriors have even fallen martyrs. The economy has been heading South everywhere on this planet. As statistics emerge daily, hopes make way for prayers. In my lifetime, I have never seen even major countries and organizations like the UNO so helpless. Thanks to the Almighty, governments across all the continents have not given up. A nation like New Zealand claims to have eliminated the horror of all horrors. Great for them! Before long, more nations, we hope and pray, would justly make similar claims. If the living nightmare persists, CAN A “DREAM COME TRUE” BE FAR BEHIND? (Utpal Chatterjee, former Deputy Editor, The Times of India)

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