KANAKDURGA, Who Made history By Entering Sabarimala Temple, Says She Has Been Thrown Out Of Her In-laws’ House.

ONE of the two women, who became the first of menstruating age to offer prayers in Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, has alleged that she was being  pressurised by her husband’s family to atone for committing sin. The shrine had been closed to the menstruating women until the Supreme Court of India on September 28 opened to all women irrespective of age to ensure gender equality. She has filed an FIR for domestic violence against her mother-in-law who allegedly thrashed her for entering the famed temple. Kanaka Durga, 39, and mother of two was sent to a government-run-home on Tuesday after her in-laws refused to let her enter in their house. Kanaka Durga, a mother of two, had angered her family after they said she kept them in the dark about her plan to trek to the temple. Durga was admitted to a hospital after she was allegedly attacked by her mother-in-law after she returned home on January 15.Though police and district officials tried their best to convince her family but  they refused to budge saying she will be taken back only after tendering a public apology to devotees and Hindu community. The family alleged that Kanaka Durga has shamed the community and hurt sentiments of the devotees and won’t accept her without “atoning for her sin”.Ammini,40 ,another woman who entered temple said  “I was told her husband locked the house and shifted to a relative’s place so as to avoid her. She is presently in a government-run home in Perninthalamanna. We will move the court against her relatives’ move.”Ammini said she did not face any such problem because her husband and her daughter fully supported her.Kanakadurga  and Bindu Ammini had tried to enter the temple on December 24 but were forced to retreat after devotees protested. After their failed attempt both refused to return home and were under police protection. They finally made it to the temple on January 2.Last week; the Supreme Court directed the state government to provide round-the-clock protection to both the women after they had petitioned seeking security fearing for their lives.(pic courtesy to NDTV.com)

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