NEXT – gen reusable face shield Smartguard for protection against Covid-19 launched

PUNE based Bluemark Promotions manufacturing company known for its innovation and designs has launched a lightweight reusable face shield – Smartguard. Under the brand name ‘COVID Comfort’, the patent-pending Smartguard face shield has been designed and manufactured keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the users as people start to move out of their houses and return to work. The Smartguard Face Shield is designed to protect users from the two major threats of COVID-19 infection that is droplet splash from the infected person and the risk of people touching their face with infected hands. “We have observed that the mass public finds it really difficult and inconvenient to wear face masks all day which restricts comfortable breathing and also causes hindrance while talking. It is really important that the safety products available today should also be comfortable for the mass public to use so that they wear them all day,” said Sachin Lunavat. “These face shields have been designed to provide comfort without compromising on the safety of the users. The Smartguard weighs less than 100 grams and provides adequate ventilation and breathability to the person making it comfortable to wear all day without any fogging,” said Raj Lunavat, the product designer behind the face shield. “The Smartguard comes with replaceable visors and air filters giving it a long-lasting life span. The wide-angle ultra-clear lens makes it possible for users to perform any task while using the shield,” added Raj. The Smartguard is a result of extensive research and development conducted by a team comprising of doctors, engineers and product designers. It not only protects the user against Covid-19 infections but it also protects the people around in case the user is infected themselves. Our product is ISO 13485:2016 certified and CE marked.” added Sachin. The Face Shields are currently available online on Amazon & Flipkart and also available with major stores across India. “We successfully completed our pilot run in the last 15 days and are overwhelmed to see the response coming in from doctors as well as general public. We are also seeing a strong demand coming in from the government institutions as well as corporates who want to protect their people and ensure that they feel safe and comfortable leaving their homes to resume work,” said Yash Lunavat, the second-generation entrepreneur at Bluemark Promotions. “Having more than 15 years of manufacturing experience and robust setup helped us to quickly innovate and adapt to the need of the hour. The Smartguard is one of our first patented products under our brand ‘COVID Comfort’ and we have many more innovations in the pipeline focused towards pushing manufacturing of quality medical devices in India. We are currently manufacturing at a capacity of 5,000 shields per day and look forward to expanding this further by end of this month.” added Yash.

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