Noted filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma booked for his upcoming MURDER movie

Ram Gopal Varma in a black t shirt seated with his hand on his head

Ram Gopal Varma, Director, producer and screenwriter known for making films across multiple genres, is in a soup. An FIR has been issued against him by the Nalgonda police following court’s orders over his upcoming movie allegedly based on a sensational caste-based murder of Pranay Kumar in 2018  in Nalgonda district of his home state  Telangana. The victim’s family pleaded in the court that the movie would affect the ongoing trial of the case. A petition was filed by Pranay’s father at Nalgonda court to stall the production of the film alleging the movie will affect the ongoing trials. Responding to his petition, the Nalgonda court has ordered Miryalaguda police to file a case against Ram Gopal Varma and the producer. Ram Gopal Varma in a series of tweets has defended himself saying that he is not trying to ‘demean or degrade anyone’ and that the film is just a creative work based on the information available to the public. He added that his lawyers will deal with the issue. Sharing the poster of Murder, he wrote, “With regard to media speculations on the case filed on my film MURDER, I once again want to reiterate that my film is based and inspired from a true incident and it is not the truth. Also, there’s no mention of anyone’s caste in the film (sic).”He mentioned that the case against him was filed because the concerned people were uninformed about the film. “With regard to the case filed on the basis of uninformed speculations, our advocates will give an appropriate reply as required as per law (sic),” he said. Ram Gopal Varma, 58, said “I specifically mentioned that I have no intention to demean or degrade anyone and my film is just a creative work based on a subject which is in the public domain. But as a citizen who respects the law I too will proceed legally to protect my fundamental rights (sic),” he wrote. Directed by Anand Chandra, the film is jointly produced by Natti Karuna and Natti Kranthi. The film’s story is written by Ram Gopal Varma. TOI says ‘’In September 2018, Pranay was allegedly hacked to death by a hired killer. His wife Amrutha’s father allegedly plotted the murder and executed it. The caste killing was caught on a CCTV camera. After Ram Gopal Varma announced the production of the movie titled Murder on Father’s Day (June 21), he had received a lot of brickbats for  glorifying the murder as ‘father’s love.’ Sharing the first poster of the film on Twitter  Ram Gopal Varma  says”This is going to be a heart-wrenching story based on the Amrutha and Maruthi Rao saga of the DANGERS of a father LOVING a daughter too much…launching the poster of a SAD FATHER’s film on HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY #MURDERlove.”   Pranay Perumalla Kumar, a Dalit, was hacked to death in broad daylight by a hired killer. Amrutha’s father Maruthi Rao, belonging to an upper caste, later allegedly committed suicide. He had opposed her daughter’s marriage with Pranay. (edited by PK Chakravarty)

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