PM Modi announces a massive economic package to build India as a self -reliant economic power


CAPTAINS of trade and commerce hail Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special package of  INR 20 lakh crore, nearly ten percent of India’s GDP, for  Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

MSMEs and the honest middle-class will help build a self-reliant India. The Prime Minister said that the whole world is engaged in a fight for life against the virus. He said that while the crisis is unlike anything seen before, humanity must not lose faith and determination. The Prime Minister added that the 21st century is said to be the Indian century. India bears responsibility. Recalling the Shastras, he highlighted the importance of self-reliance. India has converted a disaster into an opportunity. When the pandemic erupted, PPE kits and N-95 masks were not made in India, he said. The meaning of self-reliance has changed. The world is now looking towards humanity centric globalization. In this respect, the Prime Minister said and expressed confidence that India could lead the way. He praised India’s ancient culture saying that the wisdom of age-old principles such as Vasudaiva Kodambakkam and harmony with nature ensure that world progress is central to India’s conception of progress. India’s initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance were a gift to the world. Our centuries-old conception of self-reliance has always followed the path of global progress. The Prime Minister expressed confidence in India’s capabilities and manpower. India will build new supply chains, create better products and lead the global recovery. He highlighted that India’s self-reliance would be based on 5 pillars – Economy, Infrastructure, System, Demography and Demand. The Prime Minister emphasized that self-reliance was essential for India’s global competitiveness. Reforms over the past 6 years have to be taken forward to build a self-reliant India. The corona outbreak has shown us the importance of local markets and local supply chains. He said that we needed to adopt the mantra of “local” and work towards its progress. Prime Minister Modi highlighted the gravity of the pandemic which has infected more than 42 lakh people across the world and has led to the death of over 3 lakh people globally.

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