SHIV Sena Will Vote Against Opposition Parties’ No-Trust Motion in Lok Sabha

MAHARASHTR based Shiv Sena has made its stand clear on the no-trust motion to be taken up tomorrow in the Lok Sabha against the BJP led NDA Government. It will vote against the motion moved by the opposition, says SS Chief Uddhav Thackeray. The Shiv Sena has issued a three-line Whip asking it MPs to vote against the motion.BJP President Amit Shah had spoken to Uddhav on the issue. It may be recalled that Uddhav had earlier refused to meet a delegation of Andhra Pradesh ruling TDP seeking his support for its demand for granting special status to the southern state. Meanwhile, dissident MP from Bihar Shaturghan Sinha says he will vote against the motion. With the support of 314 MPs in the 535-member House, the NDA is expected to defeat the motion.Newly appointed BJP’s Chief Whip Anurag Thakur along  with Amit Shah, Minister for Parliamentary Affair Ananth Kumar  with his two MOS are busy mobilizing support  for NDA . Asked  to  comment on  UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi insisting that the Opposition would win the no-trust vote in the Lok Sabha, Ananth Kumar said her mathematics is weak. Te NDA would defeat the motion as the Modi government holds majority inside and outside Parliament. Gandhi had told reporters yesterday, “Who says we don’t have the numbers?”Recalling an instance when the Opposition had expressed confidence in winning a similar vote, Kumar said, “We know what happened then. Their calculation in wrong yet again.” The Congress-led Opposition failed to come to power in 1999 after the fall of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. Back then, Gandhi had said, “We have 272 and more are coming.”(image courtesy : Google)

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