“World Environment Day” celebrated by India’ s oldest NGO – BHIA in Kolkata as a part of global observance

India’s oldest Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) ,Bengal Home Industries Association ( BHIA) ,  recently celebrated “World.Environment Day ” at its premises , Kolkata as a part of global observance of World Environment Day. BHIA organised World Environment Day in collaboration with All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), Nari Seva Sangha , F-Cube Industries Pvt, Ltd.and other organisations. The 2023 World Environment Day campaign theme  #BeatPlasticPollution calls for global solutions to combat plastic pollution.

 Members of Management Committee of BHIA lit lamps to inaugurate the World Environment Day Celebration. BHIA organised workshop in collaboration with F-cube for women from different section of the society to process different kinds of products from various natural fibres like water hyacinth, sal, bamboo, various forms of grass, banana plant & it’s fibres and others in  it’s efforts to promote theme of 2023 of World Environment Day “#BeatPlasticPollution “. 

 Shri G.M. Kapur Vice President of BHIA introduced BHIA ‘s World Environment Day(WED) programme for 2023 . Shri Kapur also mentioned World Bicycle Day being observed on June 3 by United Nations has major role to play in protection of Environment as well as facilitate to promote United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and support broader objectives World Environment Day . 

Keynote address was given by Smt. Karuna A Singh Regional Director, Asia of global organisation EARTHDAY.ORG  . Smt. Singh spoke on global efforts to promote social consciousness on  environmental issues and challenges as well as need for tackling new and upcoming challenges in innovative ways through large scale people’s  participation as Environment issues touch every sections of the society  across the planet and biosphere.

Smt. Mohua Bose   Honorary General Secretary of BHIA spoke about BHIA’s  role in empowering marginalised and under privileged women in the society as well as promoting consciousness on  Environmental challenges and  related issues at grassroot level with the help and support of marginalised and under privileged women in the society at large. BHIA organised workshop on Patachitra too. The Patachitra artists gave lecture and demonstration on Patachitra which is very unique art form of Bengal . Patachitra artists use natural colours in their various art works . 

Soma Ghosh of F-Cube conducted workshop on usage of natural fibers for production of various kind of utility products like food packaging, baskets, hand bags of various sizes for women, office utility products and others as part of this year theme of WED #BeatPlasticPollution. The Workshop is promoting BHIA’s “Green skill initiative”.

Smt. Nandini Mahtab Trustee of BHIA spoke on medicinal usage of Banana leaf including its usage  in various treatment of infections like bedsores and others as a part of traditional Indian ayurveda system. Smt. Nandini Mahtab stressed the need for promoting environment related challenges awareness and  consciousness amongst children and youths who have to play major role to find solutions of many environment related challenges in upcoming time . 

Ms Nayantara Palchoudhuri member of BHIA and  Chairperson of India Tea Association spoke on impact of climate change on Indian Tea industry including tea cultivation in tea gardens across India and various challenges to rejuvenate and restore  health of Indian Tea industry as well as tea gardens . BHIA encourages members of civil society to visit it’s retail outlet to explore wide range of eco friendly utility products.  BHIA also encourages replacement of plastic with eco-friendly products where feasible in the sprit of “Beat the plastic” theme of World Environment Day 2023.

World Environment Day is one of the biggest international days for the environment. Led by United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP ) and held annually since 1973, World Environment Day has grown to be the largest global platform for environmental outreach, with millions of people from across the world engaging to protect the planet.

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